The Cult Called Freedom House (Sophia Rey #1)

The Cult Called Freedom House (Sophia Rey #1) Everyone But Sophia And Cyrus Were Going To Die They Were All Goners Well Before They Knew It And They Certainly Thought Whatever Was Happening, They Were Helping Others And Saving The World Doing ItSamantha Was Only Fourteen And Looking For What Every Fourteen Year Old Looks For Freedom She Wanted To Be As Far Away From Her Substance Riddled Mother And Abusive Home As Possible, But She Never Asked For Anything Like This It Always Starts With Just One Person And One Fucked Up Idea This Is The Story About Samantha And The Cult Called Freedom HouseA Psychological Horror Thriller, This Book Will Frustrate You, Scare You, Disturb You, And At Times, It Will Make You Want To Be Ill Are You Ready To Learn What S Going On Behind The Doors Of Freedom House

Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the The Cult Called Freedom House (Sophia Rey #1) book, this is one of the most wanted Stephanie Evelyn author readers around the world.

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  • The Cult Called Freedom House (Sophia Rey #1)
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  • 17 December 2018

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    After reading this, I discovered that this is the author s first book and, wow I would never have guessed If this is what she has to offer for her debut novel, the world of horror has something to look forward to I do want to warn you that the book isn t graphic horror I say this because the beginning of the book warns you that it s disturbing and if you re looking for extreme horror, you might be disappointed While there s certainly blood, much of the actual violence takes place off the page What may disturb you and should disturb you are the scenes involving a child Again, nothing explicit or graphic, but there s no question exactly what happens to the child in question If this subject is a tough one for you, you may find you have some trouble here.Although anything graphic happens off page, the book isn t subtle This is pretty hard horror and does have some stomach churning scenes Aside from that, the author brings us characters to root for and a plot that keeps you reading.I was pleased with this It s a fast read and the author is now on my radar I m looking forward to whatever she brings us next.

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    The Cult Called Freedom House is a debut novel from author Stephanie Evelyn The story itself centers around a teenager named Samantha as she joins a Cult that calls themselves Freedom House The cult s leader, Cyrus, fancies himself a god on earth and has convinced his followers to believe in only him There is a darkness coming, and only Cyrus can save them and only if they do as he commands As Samantha progresses from initiate to full member, we learn about the inner workings of the cult and its members Through Samantha s eyes, we sink deeper and deeper into the world that Cyrus has created on this little patch of land It appears, from the outside, to be idyllic, and one can see what the initial appeal of Freedom House would be to someone like Samantha, someone that feels the world has abandoned her Cyrus promises love, acceptance, belonging, and freedom, none of which are available to Samantha in the outside world She wants Freedom House, and Freedom House wants her.We also meet detective Sophia Rey, someone with some previous experience with cults Sophia begins to investigate Samantha s disappearance and traces her to Freedom House Detective Rey decides to go undercover and join Freedom House to confirm Samantha s location gain intel on Cyrus and Freedom House and, if possible, help Samantha escape.The book is a wonderful debut from an author that I will be keeping my eye on The characters are well developed and relatable we understand their motivations even when their decision is objectively, well, not ideal As far as the horror goes, Evelyn delivers with disgusting aplomb There are several scenes in this book that are quite disturbing and disgusting, but there is one particular scene that legitimately horrified me Look at me when I say this HORRIFIED ME I have read 137 horror books this year, and this, I think, is the first scene that made me physically retch My only complaint about this book is that it feels like part of a larger work But, the cover promises that there will be from Sophia Rey, and I m here for it.

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    This is a gory little tale about a crazy cult and the young girl and tortured policewoman who get caught up in the culty madness This book is a debut from author Evelyn and the first in what appears to be a series It moves at a quick pace and I would ve preferred to have things slow down a little bit in order to get to know the characters better There was also a big reveal made in the opening chapter that ruined some of the suspense for me But that s just me I like a slower roll out of the grossest of secrets There are some nasty little surprises here so be warned but the worst of the worst happens behind closed doors.

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    3.5 starsI was lucky enough to be given an ARC to read in return for an honest review.First of all wow, what an achievement Most people dream of calling themselves a writer and actually having a finished product to show the world It must be such an amazing feeling to put your heart and soul out into the world to share with other like minded people who live on the fringe and thrive in the wonderful horror community I am proud to have read this story and to take part in help making it grow, and to watch your journey.Now to the meat and potatoes.The Cult Called Freedom House If you are anything like me and let s face it if you are here reading this review, you probably are then you are already familiar with the dangers that lurk within small town cults You ve seen the doco s, you ve read every true crime book there is to read, and you always want the mere mention of the word Cult gives you a little tingle in the places it shouldn t I am happy to report that you will not be disappointed in your seeking of cult goodness in this wonderful novel I don t need to tell you what it s about, you ve read the blurb, I will tell you, however, that you have made the right choice in considering purchasing this book, and again, if you are anything like me, you won t regret it.The characters feel real You ve met most of them at some point in your life and may even relate to a few of them.There is a wonderful sense of connection in the book and the chapters flow beautifully when weaving in and out of characters.There is a decent amount of all the nasty horrible going on s of a brainwashed cult Plenty of disturbing things to sate our morbid curiosity.The location seems alive and real, there is really no flaws in the world around you in the book.Lastly and my absolute favourite part of it all, the writing I just want to say a massive thank you for not making it dense and cramming in page after page of purple prose I am often wary of new writers due to their tendency to use purple prose every chance they get Nothing makes me put a book down quicker than a book that feels like I have to chew the words to get them into my head At no point did I ever get taken out of the story or have to re read lines because they were to over the top The Cult Called Freedom House has a great blend of wonderful prose and just plain good ole fashioned writing Thank you for giving this story life and the room to breathe.So why not 5 stars I feel like the world is a little skewed in their methods of giving a book 5 stars You can love the shit out of a book, be grossed out, be scared for your own life, think about it, talk about it, consume it, and still not rate it 5 stars 3.5 stars is now the highest rating I have given a debut novel The true heavyweights of the genre are still not always a 5 star a 5 star means absolute perfection and few and far between rarely reach it Do I think Stephanie has that potential I wouldn t be here writing this if I didn t believe she has it in her.

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    First, let s talk about this cover It is gorgeous I am sitting here trying to think of a cover that pulls me in this much and I cannot.This book gave me characters that I cared about, an intriguing setting and horror lots of horror Samantha is 14 years old, I have a 14 year old daughter So, for me, everything she was going through hit a bit closer to home This is a study on wanting to fit in, wanting to find a home, and ultimately wanting to be free We get deep into cult psychology and the group mentality that allows cults like this to exist and things like this to happen Our villain is the pure definition of narcissism.The imagery in this book is breath taking, for me the image of the vile, disgusting actions masked by the simple, clean, stark clothing will remain in my mind It is an image of death, the death of innocence The setting, as simple as it was, felt vast and clean The secrets held in this house made it all feel much sprawling than the building s architecture could actually allow.Our hero is a strong female lead She has her own history, her own ghosts and I relish the thought of getting to know about her I look forward to Sophia Rey stories, filling in her backstory as the series progresses.Ultimately this is a dark, unpredictable story with a well laid setting and unforgettable characters How much could be accomplished in the novella format I enjoyed every minute.

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    3.5 stars rounded up to 4 And that s by no fault of the book But I ll get to that sooner I do believe I read somewhere that this is the author s first book And I say kudos to that It s a simple read Very interesting, depending on what you like I want to thank the author for a review copy of this book I found this book through a tweet and it said something along the lines if you can stomach it That s a challenge to me I read Matt Shaw, Ezra Blake patiently awaiting her next release , Ed Lee Some hardcore horror I want to be grossed out I want to see people being tortured as I turn the pages I love the blood and gore When the intro said something about this book not being for the squeamish, I got excited Maybe it s not for the squeamish, but it s not for extreme horror fans either in my opinion That s why I gave it 3.5 stars Now, I read the blurb after reading the actual book I should have known it was about the cops than the actual cult Don t get me wrong, there s cannibalism and people eating vomit and the aftermath of butchered bodies But it s the aftermath of those poor souls dying Not the violence I wanted the violence Plus, the ending got kinda screwy I don t wanna spoil it, but when people lose their mind in books and they don t even know what s real, how can the reader really know what s happening That s hard for even seasoned authors to pull off.Now, the book is written great I loved that it was easy to follow I did want to know what happened, but the ending left me with questions than answers With that being said, I m sure people who like detective books and mysteries about detectives flashing back to their past etc would like this book It was okay But I d put the squeamish part along the lines of Usher s Passing If you read my review of that it was the most boring cannibal book I think I have ever read But if you re not expecting anything extreme, it s a good book.

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    3.5 stars There are things darker than street corners past midnight When you have addicts looking for their kids, that s when you know there s a real problem When talking cults we know it s gonna be a bumpy ride Ever heard of a cult with a happy ending Why should this one be any different This is book 1 in the Sophia Rey series also the debut novel for Stephanie Evelyn.This crime horror involves all the topics we try to avoid thinking about, especially when it comes to children I found this book horrifyingly realistic it even made my tummy ache which I love in a good horror but it also lacked content in many areas I would have preferred of the blanks filled in a slightly longer book.I look forward to book number 2.I d like to thank Stephanie for sending me a free copy of this book.

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    It always starts with just one person and one fucked up idea The Cult Called Freedom House is the debut novel in a new series about detective Sophia Rey I was very interested in the story, and couldn t wait to see what was going to happen Although I enjoyed the story, I struggled with some aspects of the formatting I feel like this story deserved to be expanded because it was really good, but it felt like too much was missing for me to truly get invested I know it s going to be a series, but I just feel like there was missing content I almost never want books to be longer, but I really wish this one would have been I have a lot of questions about the story that I can t mention without spoiling something I can t tell if these are plot holes, or things that will be answered in the next book, and it frustrated me The time jumps and flashbacks in the book got confusing It is not clear how time is moving at any point in the book days and months seem to pass at the same rate There isn t any additional evidence to show that time has passed, just mention of a few months passing, and it s a little jarring.I kept thinking about real life cult leaders, and there was always something missing for Cyrus He didn t have a driving factor that caused fear he just kept saying the darkness was coming, and talked about freedom, and that was about it This was frustrating to me because it s not enough to be believable to convince people to follow you on this level I just needed something This book could have also used a few rounds of editing I try not to mention errors in my review unless it s to the point that it was distracting, and it was for this book I do feel like all the pieces for a really great story were here it just needed a little to tie everything together I still want to read the next book in the series There s a lot to enjoy here, especially a couple great horror scenes, but I wish it would have been well rounded.

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    Stuff later

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    4.5 Excellent cult horror and a stunning debut I was really impressed with Evelyn s debut novel I was drawn into the cult, the heroines, the world, all of it It was very well done and disturbed me in all the right places Evelyn is an author to watch.

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