Summer of Fear

Summer of Fear Why Is Rachel The Only One To Sense The Evil That Surrounds Julia From The Moment Rachel S Cousin Julia Arrives That Summer, She Seems To Seep Into Rachel S Life Like A Poison Everyone Else Is Enchanted By Her Including Rachel S Boyfriend But What Does Julia Really Want

Lois Duncan born Lois Duncan Steinmetz was an American writer and novelist, known primarily for her books for children and young adults, in particular and some times controversially considering her young readership crime thrillers Duncan s parents were the noted magazine photographers Lois Steinmetz and Joseph Janney Steinmetz She was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, but grew up in Saraso

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    Summer of fear by Lois Duncan is a 1977 publication This story is geared towards a young adult audience, but it still has some excellent chills and thrills even now, reading it as an adult For fans of trivia or pop culture, there was a made for television movie based on this book starring Linda Blair, which aired in 1978 However, I think the original title of the movie was A Stranger in the House It now shares the same title as the book and can be found easily on YouTube Check it out, if for no other reason than to see a very young Fran Drescher When Rachel s aunt and uncle were killed in a fiery car crash, their orphaned daughter, Julia, comes to live with them Soon, this shy, plain girl seems to have charmed every male in her general vicinity, included Rachel s brother, her boyfriend, and even her father Rachel begins to suspect Julia may be involved in the occult, but when she tries to convince her family, her warnings fall on deaf ears Meanwhile, one by one, anyone who threatens Julia will suffer the consequences A review for this book popped up on my Goodreads feed the other day and reminded me that I have a copy of th...

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    My Lois Duncan jag concludes with Summer of Fear, a supernatural thriller first published in 1976 and revised by the author in 2011 to account for changes in communication that would deflate much of her plot if the story took place in the present I m not wild about the trend to update Young Adult thrillers published in the 1970s or 80s for readers of today Duncan s books are scarier when her teenage heroines can t rely on smartphones, the Internet or helicopter parents to help them overcome evil In the 70s, you were on your own think of Jamie Lee Curtis babysitter character in Halloween That said, Duncan knows how to craft a taut tale of primal fear and unsettle the reader regardless of the era.The story is the account of Rachel Bryant, a nineteen year old troubled by a newspaper article of a family who disappeared on a hiking trip Rachel has questions about who could ve photographed the family before their hike and whether this person of interest could be someone she knows Moving back in time to the summer of Rachel s sweet sixteen birthday, the Bryants are a family of five living in suburban Albuquerque Rachel s father Tom is a government engineer and her mother Leslie is a freelance photographer Her ...

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    While I did mildly enjoy Lois Duncan s 1976 young adult horror novel Summer of Fear when I read it as a teenager in 1982, revisiting Summer of Fear as an older adult has not at all been even remotely either a pleasurable or a rewarding reading experience for me For sorry, but Summer of Fear is really so blatantly predictable that you not only are than aware without even the shadow of a doubt right from square one that ALL of Rachel Bryant s fears with regard to her orphaned cousin Julia are one hundred percent justified and true that Juila is an imposter and later turns out to be an an actual and bona fide witch , but also that while I found Rachel a positive and generally likeable character when I read Sumer of Fear as a teenager, rereading the novel now rather shows her as in many ways a bratty and nastily opinionated individual And while of course it is fake cousin Julia Sarah who turns out to be the witch like main villain of Summer of Fear, personally, I have been almost feeling a wee bit sorry for her this time around, ...

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    Still freakin scary and still one of my best 7th grade booktalks Lois Duncan knows how to work the fear nerve

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    Summer of Fear is a short, simple read that I enjoyed but that I didn t find special Part of the issue is that I read this as an adult rather than as a young adult, so the fear factor and mystery did not really hit me Aside from this, the book was predictable and, though I did not predict everything exactly, I definitely saw ...

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    Do you like books about magic spells or witchcraft well this is the right book for you The genre to this book is fantasy fiction with a little bit of realistic fiction My opinion to this book is that it is great it is creepy in a way and makes you feel like you are actually there in the experience There will be SPOILER ALERTS in the book so be aware So this book takes place in day and night in a house of this girl named Rachel So what happens in this book is that what suddenly tragic just happened to the family is that Rachel s aunt and uncle just got killed in a car accident and their daughter named Julia needed to stay with a new family And the family is Rachel s because there is no where else for her to stay with What Rachel notices of Julia is that she is a little strange She has a strange personality that Rachel is curious about And as time passed on strange things started happening Rachel s dog died and her neighbor was in a coma sort of thing What Rachel later knows is that Julia was the one who caused all of this and is a witch who wants to marry her father and kill anything that gets in her way The conflict is person vs person since it is Rachel vs evil witch JULIA I think a major theme in the story is when Julia proves she is a WITCH The setting in the story adds to the end of the story because when Julia told Rachel that her mother will die when she hits the curve in the mountain Rachel hurries to the...

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    Rachel is fifteen, has a great boyfriend and a great family But one day they get horrible news Rachel s mother s sister and her husband were killed in a car accident Their daughter, Julia, is now all alone But Rachel s mother and father get ready to go get their niece They hardly know her, but she is family And Rachel is fine with this Sure, it will take some getting used to sharing her room with someone, but it will be like having an older sister.Everything was going well At least for a little bit, until Julia showed Rachel her true colors The problem is, no one else seems to see the true Julia but Rachel and she s not sure how to convince anyone that her cousin is not the angel she pretends to be I know I stayed up later last night reading this than I should have, but I honestly couldn t put it down It was definitely a page turner and at the same time, so frustrating Honestly, I felt ver...

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    This is a solid 3.5 star read for me This book was originally written in the 70s and revised in the 2000s I have no clue what all she changed but I noticed her referring to Harry Potter and cell phones to make the book relevant When I bought this book I didn t connect to the fact that I had already seen the film that was based on this book Yes, this book has a very, unknown film that stars Linda Blair and was directed by Wes Craven The movie actually followed the book pretty decent The movie isn t easy to find any but if you are really c...

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    3.5 starsIn terms of the atmosphere in the novel and the general enjoyment that I got from this story, this should probably get a bit than 3 stars I am well aware that this is an oldie and that I am probably not in the target audience of this book any , but I was a bit disappointed by it I found it way to simple and a bit too predictable, but I did enjoy reading it, aside from that jerk of a love interest and ...

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    This was a reread for me.I read all of Lois Duncan s books as a teenager This is a good mystery chiller, very much written in the style of the vintage gothic romanceswitched identities, murder, witchcraft.It s an excellent YA ...

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